Our Human Resources Policy

To develop and implement human resources processes that create value in order to develop our vision in accordance with our company mission, to ensure its continuity and to achieve our goals.

Our Human Resources Practices


  • Our aim is to provide employment that will create value, be highly motivated and carry our company to the future.
  • Job application process takes place through career websites, professional consultancy companies and our website www.teknoizolasyon.com.tr.
  • Personality inventories and skill tests are applied to candidates. Candidates found suitable as a result of tests and interviews are checked for reference.
  • Our company provides internship opportunities as a result of school / industry cooperation, and career opportunities are offered to successful students and new graduates.


  • A wide range of informative training about our company culture and our company is given to our newly recruited personnel. In the process, theoretical and practical trainings are also given in the specific field of work.
  • The ideal personnel working in our company are described as “our company values”. Company values ​​are explained to our new employees.
  • At the end of the orientation training, our personnel are asked to report their general opinions about the training process and our company as a feedback.

Performance management

  • In our company, two main performance management models are applied to our white-collar personnel in order to observe and assist their personal development. In both models, the main target is that our personnel work in accordance with our company values.
  1. 360 degree performance evaluation: It is applied to our middle and senior level managers. Subordinate personnel of our employees, colleagues in the same department and at the same level, personnel in different departments at the same level, managers and personnel with whom they communicate at all levels are evaluated.
  2. Personal performance evaluation: It is applied to all our white collar personnel. Our staff first makes their own self-assessment, then they are evaluated by their supervisor, and they are finalized with the sharing of ideas in a face-to-face meeting. During the assessment, annual targets are given to the personnel by their supervisor. Target realizations are evaluated by meeting face to face at the end of every three months and action plans are discussed.


  • Employee satisfaction survey results, which are conducted regularly every year, are evaluated on the basis of both departments and the company, and efforts are made to raise employee satisfaction to higher levels.
  • Occupational safety awareness is evaluated and rewarded with tracking systems.
  • Meals that bring employees and managers together are organized on special days.
  • In-house dining organizations are organized with the participation of white-collar and blue-collar personnel in spring.

Remuneration and social rights

  • Our basic rule is a fair remuneration management compatible with internal dynamics and similar companies in the regions.
  • Social facilities such as food and service are offered to our employees in the best possible way.
  • Healthy decision making
  • Making decisions by thinking multi-faceted, taking decisions by thinking long term, working planned while solving problems and performing root cause analysis,

  • Good communication
  • Being a good listener, questioning until they understand, spreading information clearly and quickly, communicating in writing,

  • Effective work
  • Gaining trust, motivating friends, taking initiative to finalize things, using time efficiently, keeping information accessible

  • Being responsible
  • Disciplined, persistent, seeking perfection, contributing not only in its own field but in all jobs, acting as the owner of the job, managing resources wisely, educating behaviors that go beyond our company values

  • Business development (kaizen)
  • To make improvements by questioning even the correct knowledge, to find practical solutions to problems for better quality products and services, to increase efficiency by removing unprofitable procedures, to consider occupational safety laws and regulations in every job.

  • Wonder
  • To be open to continuous improvement, to research, to know the company strategy well, to contribute to the business outside of its own subject, to have deep knowledge in the field of business and profession.

  • Human relationship
  • To be honest, not to tolerate those who do otherwise, to inform and follow up to the highest authority until the problem is solved, to see the mistake as a means of learning, not to compromise on ethical values, not to say things that people cannot say to people in their absence.

  • Sacrifice
  • To think success as a team, not as a personal, to open the way for different opinions, to always help, to support personal professional development, to strive to create happy employees, to always want the best for the Teknoizolasyon family, to believe that their ego comes after the interests of Teknoisolation

  • Represent the company
  • To establish business relations within the framework of openness and respect, to fulfill its material and moral responsibilities on time, to represent the company in the best way with its behavior, speech and appearance, to establish long-term relations with respect regardless of the status, to be fair to all segments, not to receive any rights.